Keynote Speakers

Speaker Profile:

Born in 1976, Mr. Torpong Selanon received master’s degree from the Graduate School of Social Development and Management Strategy, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), Thailand. He was previously vice president of the Thailand Association of the Blind (2020 – 2021) before being selected to be Commissioner of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications in the area of Consumer Protection and Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in April 2022.
Mr. Selanon has long been an advocate for improving the quality of people’s lives. He has also served under many nationally recognized organizations such as: Advisor for the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission in the area of Consumer Protection and Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, Director of Career Promotion and Employment of Persons with Disabilities for Disabilities Thailand, Qualified Director of the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Broadcasting Subcommittee on the topic of Over the Top services for National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Advisor to subcommittee of People with Disabilities under the Commission of Social, Children, Women, Elderly People, People with Disabilities, and Minorities Welfare of National Legislative Assembly of Thailand, and President of Thailand Association of the Blind.

Being visually impaired himself, Mr. Selanon sees the importance of being able to access services, especially telecommunication services to improve quality of life in the digital transformation era. Mr. Selanon as the NBTC commissioner is committed to keeping working and advocating for a connected world.

Topic: Digital Inclusion: Digital ID


This session, hosted by Mr. Torpong Selanon, The NBTC Commissioner for promotion of people’s liberty and rights, aims to present the importance of Digital ID for Digital Inclusion. The challenges in implementation of digital identification systems, commonly known as Digital ID, into digital inclusion. Digital ID is fostering digital inclusion and has potential to empower individuals worldwide. Also presenting the current role of the NBTC in working towards Thailand’s Digital Identity and Digital Inclusion.