Technical Tour A

In the morning
  • – Neural Signal Processing Research Team (NSP) is part of Artificial Intelligence Research Group (AINRG). NSP focuses on developing brain and neural signal processing technologies to support healthcare and wellness industries.

    – Wearable Technologies Consulting Services (WTCS) is part of the Engineer Design and Computation (EDC). WTCS provides consultation and support to all Thai companies and manufactures to import or develop wearable devices for health.

    – Biomechanics Research Team (BMCT) is part of the Biofunctional Materials and Devices Research Group. BMCT works in collaboration with partners to develop medical equipment. – Implantable Medical Device Technology (IMT) is part of the Assistive Technology and Medical Devices Research Center (A-MED). IMT research team is focused on developing non-active implantable medical devices for orthopedics and dental applications.

    – Thailand Captioning Service Center (TCC) provides a captioning service for both real-time and pre-record contents to create accurate captions for deaf and people with hearing problems.