Marching towards Medical Hub: Certifications of Biomedical Engineering


This session is for all Biomedical Engineers and all stakeholders in the healthcare industry as well as the visitors and investors from foreign countries. Biomedical Engineering plays a vital role in advancing healthcare and raising hospital standards. By applying engineering principles to healthcare, biomedical engineers contribute to the development and improvement of medical devices, diagnostic tools, and treatment procedures. Their expertise ensures the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of these technologies, benefiting patients and healthcare providers alike. Certification of Biomedical Engineers brings several advantages to the community. It ensures a high level of competence, expertise, and adherence to ethical standards. Certified professionals enhance patient safety, promote quality healthcare delivery, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community by driving innovation and maintaining the highest standards of care. This session will overview the current state and challenges of BME in Taiwan from the educational system to certification programs. The discussion will give details on the certification programs in Thailand which provide comprehensive evaluation and validating the expertise of biomedical engineers. This standardization instills confidence in employers, healthcare institutions, and the public, ensuring that certified professionals meet the highest standards of practice.