Keynote Speakers

Speaker Profile:

Mr. Simon Wong is an experienced occupational therapist with more than 40 years of clinical experience.  He is currently the Principal Occupational Therapist in the CUHK Medical Centre, Hong Kong. He is now the President of CREATe Asia, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Occupational Therapy and the Convenor of the SIG on Assistive Technology, the Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association. 

He witnessed the application of technology in rehabilitation from the time of workshop-made aids and gadgets to the use of robots and virtual reality. He had wide spectrum of experience related to technology, including the application of splints and orthoses for people with orthopaedic or neurological problems, setting up a seating clinic and a wheelchair bank, and providing consultation to the running of a rental service for assistive device.

Topic: The Application of Technology in Rehabilitation


Simon will compare the differences of the major assistive devices for patient care in the past 30 years. He will share the story of the development of hand splinting in occupational therapy in Hong Kong. He will also introduce his new design of hand splint and assistive device for enhancing neuroplasticity through early involvement in activities of daily living. He will further discuss the model of integrating assistive technology, telerehabilitation and rental service for enhancing the quality of rehabilitation services.