Keynote Speakers

Speaker Profile:

Prof. Dr. Ta-Sen Wei is a specialist in physiatry, having worked in a medical center for nearly 40 years. He currently serves as the president of the Taiwan Society of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (TREATS), the chief of the Rehabilitation Medicine Research Center at Changhua Christian Hospital, and a board member of the Taiwan Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

Specializing in neurological rehabilitation, motor control, fall prevention, and the R&D of assistive devices, Prof. Wei has published hundreds of papers and holds dozens of patents in rehabilitation medicine. He has a wealth of clinical experience in combining physiatry and rehabilitation engineering to enhance patients’ functionality, life independence, and quality of life.

Topic: Bridging the Gap: Integrating Physiatry and Rehabilitation Engineering for Optimal Patient Outcomes


This speech explores the integration of Physiatry and Rehabilitation Engineering to address challenges in patient rehabilitation and enhance care outcomes. Physiatry, dedicated to restoring functional ability for those with physical impairments, faces hurdles including service accessibility, personalized care, and technological utilization. Rehabilitation Engineering, focused on applying innovative assistive technologies, can tackle these issues by customizing rehabilitation plans, enhancing mobility through advanced devices, facilitating tele-rehabilitation, and integrating AI for personalized care. By bridging this gap, we envision a transformed landscape of rehabilitative care that optimizes patient outcomes, enhances access, and revolutionizes treatment methodologies. This discussion aims to stimulate a dialogue that paves the way for a new standard in rehabilitative care, leveraging technological advancements for patient-centric solutions.